The opposite happens in idle with minimal energy consumption and no activity from the user; the CR runs out of steam only after minutes. Keyboard The keyboard is not particularly suitable for those who have to type a lot. Cheap laptops are still selling extremely well. When writing emails, surfing the net or listening to music, the fan runs at a consistently low speed, never turning off completely. Nothing to complain about here.

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Fastest real world speed – Real 18b Speed measures performance for mwi consumers. The highlight of the ports given the price range is not just the eSATA but the ExpressCard34 slot for expansion cards. MSI has fitted this budget The entry-level processor has only KB of L2 cache. POL-User, 28 days ago. The MSI CR delivers to your living room or desk all the ports you would expect from a good all-rounder.

Support For CR | Laptops – The best gaming laptop provider | MSI Global

Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. The charts also illustrate overall performance, popularity and rank. But the selection of ports is smi cheap: So zooming with two fingers or flicking through pages with a sweeping motion is not possible.


But you need not be alarmed as far as the MSI CR is concerned, as it proved to have respectable battery life in our tests. The display is not suitable for outdoor use because of its glossy surface and poor brightness.

The application performance we experienced was fine when using a smaller number of simple applications. What is thermal design power TDP?

The noise that eventually reaches your ears is dull and distantalmost as if it were being muffled by a cushion. The underside reached 40 degrees in the region near the air vent during the stress test.

The wireless module is an Atheros AR Our calculated values are checked against thousands of individual user ratings.


And the two deeply inset touchpad buttons both buttons housed under one bar were a thorn in our side. What is the effective CPU speed index? The CPT display has very little to offer in terms of colour space either. Nothing to complain about here. There are no fluctuations. What mso the GeekBench score?

The right and left sides of the machine do not look promising at first, as they house only a USB port right and an Ethernet port, ExpressCard34 slotcard reader and audio ports left. What is multi core mixed speed?

MS-168B1 Ver 1.0 Laptop Motherboard For MSI CR630 MS-168B Laptop

The hinges hold the lid securely in position but cannot completely prevent it from wobbling. No differences in brightness are visible to the naked eye. Neither gaming nor video converting would work fluidly. In the box we also found a warranty card and a quick-start guide. Our infra-red thermometer measured a maximum temperature of But when an application takes up a lot of processing powerthe msl of the other applications drops markedly and you can end up waiting for them to respond.


In idle the average temperature of the top and bottom surfaces of the base unit do not even reach 25 degrees. When writing emails, surfing the net or listening to music, the fan runs at a consistently low speed, never turning off completely. View from front, direct sun. Particularly just before Christmas, 168h the chances are high that Dad or Grandma will send a Euro or two in the direction of their offspring, the season of cheap laptops is truly upon us.