Click on images for a larger picture. Settings for 3 or 4 coils 6 and 8 cyl wasted spark. When using internal high current coil drivers, the Spark Output Polarity is almost always ” Going High “. With this configuration, in the wheel decoder settings you’d want the following settings:. Measure the output voltage from the Hall sensor Turn the engine forward until the edge has passed through the Hall sensor. Also ensure the main earth lead is thick enough to cope, I use a 4mm cable connected to pins 8 and 9 of the DB37 connector this is probably an over kill, but 0. Looking toward the passenger side end of the engine, the VR sensor is above and to the left of the end of the crankshaft.

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Distributor Points, Fuel only. Trigger angle actually corresponds to TDC Cyl 3.

This would need a second sensor input circuit wired to Pin11 of U1, the megasauirt would depend on the type of sensor used, but all circuits will need the opto-isolator between the sensor and Pin11 of U1.

Trigger Angle plus additions inbetween the range 20 to 50 degrees as you will encounter problems and be unable to get your desired advance. Luminition Optical Input for a V3. Note that the V3.

Megasquirt (V board) – Spark/ignition output

On a 12 tooth wheel, each tooth represents 30 degrees of crank rotation. Please note that these will need to be tuned, see the Dwell section of this manual. MS3 users can use the MS3X output card which gives 8 channels of logic spark without the need for any customisation. These boards are V1. Set the Codebase and Outputs page as follows:.


The output of U2 above should be wired through a 1k resistor to pin 11 on the CPU. Also set D14 as the Spark A output pin.

Megasquirt v3 driving single coil

The cam wheel must have a single trigger per degrees of the crank deg of the cam. Warning for E-Bay buyers!! The coil pack connections: I have therefore igniion if you bought a V3.

Each of these VR conditioners is a very high input impedance amplifier.


Logic level ignition output When using logic level coils or an external ignition module, the ECU needs to be configured to supply logic-level outputs. Adjust the CAS until the light shows that the mark lines up the way it’s supposed to The gap has increased a little not fully as the wave returns to the line but as it has to wait untill the next positively going slope the next gap is also decoded as another missing tooth.

Simple crank triggers such as or can also be used but the easiest way to get a wasted spark ignition setup from a distributor single coil setup is to fit a Ford wheel onto the crank and use this code setting and directly drive a set of Ford coil packs.

See the detailed cross reference.

In fact, this board version started with the V3 main board, and maintains the 4-layer construction and power distribution. See HERE for a list of suitable modules, etc.


The VR sensor is usually mounted on the bell housing somewhere, depending on the engine. Multi-spark is currently under test with MSnS-extra firmware.

The changes needed will be different for each engine but the basics should be the same: July Megaqsuirt how and when to remove this template message. Board Mods – input side The input side on the MS board is fairly straightforward, most boards will need no changes.

The second group buy inas well as all following purchases until are V2. It is the same size 4″ x 6″ and the connectors are in the same places, so it fits in the standard case with no modifications though some modifications may be necessary for additional functionality. The Trigger Angle setting will need adjusting more accurately using a strobe and a Fixed Angle see HERE It is felt that it is easier to get running using the original ignitors so this is the recommended and tested method.

The easiest way to access the sensor is to remove the front wheel if it’s not already removedlie on your back, and reach up from the bottom to access the sensor mounting bolts.

This db15 is NOT the same as the V3.