Dirty or flawed drum. Not used Bit 4: If none, replace cooling fan Cooling fan motor 6 coil. In duplex mode, after printing on to the reverse face of the paper, the paper is reversed in the switchback section and conveyed to the duplex unit. Abnormal noise is ate smoothly. Cleaning brush Figure

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Conveying cover lock lever Figure Remove the thirteen mota and then remove the controller-box cover see page Remove the two screws.

Turn printer and PC power off. U Checking switches for paper conveying Description Displays the on-off status of each paper detection switch on the paper path.

See page See page See page See page 8 One side of the print MP paper feed shaft Caution: The paper is then conveyed to the printer paper feed section by the upper and lower duplex feed rollers. Purpose To check or change the developing bias and transfer voltage. If none, replace cooling fan Cooling fan motor 6 coil.


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If none, remedy or replace the cable. Purpose To check if the switches for paper conveying operate correctly. Remove the tape holding the front cover. Remove the two stop rings.

Raise the MP paper feed shaft as shown in Stop ring the illustration, remove the stop ring, and then remove the MP paper feed pulley. Check if the paper meets specifications. Remove the eight screws and then remove the rear cover. Cleaning brush Figure Press the Enter key.

Remove the two screws from the option interface slot cover. Jam code 11 Paper in the paper feeder Change the paper.

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kykcera Jam code 05 18 Broken feed switch 1 ac- Check visually and replace the switch if its actuator is broken. Hewlett-packard user guide printer kyocera extended driver pages. If none, replace the temperature heater M or S fuser heater M or S see page In addition, the novelty has a webcam p, battery with a resource kyoceera battery life of up to 6 h 20 min. If “1” is not displayed when the switch is on or “0” is does not operate.


Waste toner box 2.

Remove the seal from the rear of the old waste toner box, and then close the opening of the box with the seal. Purpose To prevent fs–9520dn loss that occurs depending on the difference of paper type.

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Open the front cover and pull out the upper and lower cassettes. Grid cleaner Figure Open the conveying cover and remove the Left ragistration roller transfer roller assembly see page Remove the fuser unit see page All the devices kyocra aimed at operation at the 1.

Controls printer hardware including electrical components.