How To Reshaft Golf Clubs. Results 1 to 15 of As a guideline, grips should be replaced at least every 2 years. Using a wire brush , remove excess epoxy from the inside of the hosel. If the clubhead does not come loose continue heating for up to 3 minutes total. One of the most asked questions about golf club work is how difficult is it to reshaft golf clubs, specifically a driver with an adapter.

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At this point if it still does not come loose stop heating for 1 minute and resume heating for 30 seconds intervals until the head comes loose.

His slid on easier than mine do so I will start doing it from here out. As someone who has not ventured into golf club work Great video he did it fast and broke the steps down so it was easy to follow Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk.

How To Re-Shaft Your Graphite Golf Clubs – Ralph Maltby

Most iron shafts will either be a. Shafts are always changing and the options are endless. Elevate Shafts in X Forged ’18 Irons. F8 5 Wood Hybrids: Reshafting is an inexpensive way to try out many of the latest shaft advancements and learn which shafts fit you best.

Follow the tip trimming instructions to trim the tip end of your new shaft. We carry the following major brands as well as others and orders can be placed for those you would like which we may not have in stock.


How To Re-Shaft Your Graphite Golf Clubs

Other instructional videos I would suggest: Warm the ferrule using a Heat Gun. Originally Posted by PhillyV. Honored to be the Assistant Captain in TheGrandaddy of them all! When cleaning out the hosel, do not penetrate too deep in the hosel, as this may cause the bore plug fo be damaged or pushed into the head.

How often this occurs depends on how often you play, the elements your clubs are exposed to and the quality of the grip. Using a wire brushremove excess epoxy from the inside of the hosel.

To fit the grip to your hand size To upgrade your existing grip to a longer-lasting, better quality grip To get the right feel for your game To replace grips which are worn or damaged To update the look of your clubs You will know that your grip needs to be replaced if it is cracking, peeling, leaving residue on your glove, lost its tackiness or grip or is simply worn out. After warming the ferrule, cut the ferrule off the shaft using a Hyde Knife.

M3 with Recoil Prototype shafts check out the M3 iron review thread Wedges: I could watch Danny reshaft and talk golf all day Sent from my iPhone reshaf Tapatalk. Simply follow these instructions to get your golf club re-shafted. Last Jump to page: Click here for a cool demo. It is highly recommended to use a shaft extractor to remove graphite shafts from clubheads.


One of the most asked questions gollf golf club work is how difficult is it to reshaft golf clubs, specifically a driver with an adapter. How To Reshaft Golf Clubs.

Using our Shaft Playability Factor as a guide, choose a shaft from our large selection, and then follow the simple steps below to reshaft your club.

THP TV went right to the experts at UST Mamiya to have them show a step by step guide to reshafting a driver, and these instructions can be used to reshaft any golf club.

Still amazing me that he hits the graphite shaft on concrete to make sure the shaft is completed seated. You mean like that tab on the home page that says The Classroom?

Club Repair

geshaft Heat on a high temperature setting for about 1 minute and then apply pressure with the wrench to remove the clubhead. Among some of the repairs offered is regripping. Select a shaft using the Shaft Playability Factor and tip size that matches the shaft you extracted.