So we still have problem with it. Probably we need something else? And it started to work properly! Support is available for sunxi If so, this ‘feature’ must be documented.

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And it works now. This means that there will be a lot of communication on the i2c port since this has to happen once every few ms. Also, we saw the display responds with an ACK so this behavior cannot be thought as just undefined bus. You need to download the image file: Goodix 8xx is currently unsupported by mainline. I have not heard of this issue before, and have posted code I have just used confirming the register read does work.

Capacitive touch problems under linux (FT5x06)

February 05, More information you can find in manuals: This page has ct5306 accessed 55, times. If so, this ‘feature’ must be documented. Now we see that and have different delays, possibly because they have different clock frequencies, ‘ being higher that one of We actually need it to be placed beyong glass as thick as 2 mm or even 4 mm.


Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted. Produced config actually scales values from touchscreen controller to map to the screen so it may happen that one axis works ok and another pinux. You can find more information on building and customizing Device Tree in How to customize Debian 9.

CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06: EDT FocalTech FT5x06 I2C Touchscreen support

So we still have problem with it. Then you need to write the image file to microSD card. Thank you for sharing your findings, I’m sure it will help others that run into the same issue.

Testing was done on an A20 platform and gave exceptionally good results.

Probably, you can ask FocalTech what do they know about this? To be sure that your SD card has enough space for it, please remember to resize it before installing xfce4 package – more information: We tried 3 different 4.

No driver in sunxi Driver for most of the Goodix 9xx chips see below is available in mainline. Welcome to our new forum! Actually, we did it manually by wire sporadic pulse, not equal ms but this llnux help. I looked through FT chip datasheet fr5306 there is no information of this issue.


I think that FT processes its I2C interrupt too slow to update the I2C transmit register so we get the value that has been written in write stage of the transaction. Supported in mainline Linux 4.

In Debian — like in most of nowadays Linux distributions — default input device driver is libinput https: We need some advice from you what can we check to solve this issue. Supported, but the driver does not load on A20 without the following patch. Will the llnux ground pulse of ms to WAKE signal be enough? Support is available for sunxi The liinux between these two cases is that when it is a ‘cold’ start processor has undefined state on GPIO pins.

If you get lucky, you might find firmware supporting your device from this repository.