Groovy to run a specific test step and then ab Authentication failed, repository cannot be located, or repository cannot accept connection. DB2 was ugpraded and its packages are not rebound correctly. Failed to connect to the DataSource. During this period of inaction, the transaction continues to hold locks on the database. How to run only testcases with a specific tag, in An invalid username or password was provided.

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The client has not specified an authentication type, and the server has not responded with a supported type.

First, verify that you have failee your user name and password correctly. If the database is not configured to accept the standard user ID and password authentication this problem does not occur. The user name and password you specify on the bean overwrite whatever yo specify when creating the data source. This problem does not occur if the single-phase transaction is committed, and it does not occur when using the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver in type 2 mode.

Check if you had the following errors: X driver is on the class path. In my case it happened that the JAR itself was corrupt. This user is not allowed to connect to DB2, resulting in the previously shown exception. Data access problems for Apache Derby databases.


The database name is incorrect. JDBC Driver – com. An XA transaction to DB2 that ends, but cannot be prepared, is in ended e state.

Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app

Verify that your user name and password in the data source properties page in the administrative console are correct. To resolve this problem, rebind the DB2 packages by running the db2cli.

If you make sure to validate the component managed alias, the connection is successful. None of the above, continue with my search. If you encounter this error while running DB2 on Red Hat Linux, the max queues system wide parameter is too low to support DB2 while it acquires the necessary resources to complete the transaction. prevents you from attempting to do injection when the bean is created.

Validate the component managed alias on the data source. Contact and feedback Need support? Check that the WAS. The connection is made under the credentials of the user that owns the client process: I am getting error “Failed to initialize fkr connection that uses the [COM. I was using Java 8, but I changed it to 7.

JDBC – DB2 no suitable driver error – SmartBear Community

Watson Product Search Search. KingRao 7 9. MadSaidhave you had a chance to try the above solution? Post Fpr Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Transaction B immediately receives query results that do not include the deleted row. The problem only occurs if your system requires special security configuration.


Data access problems for DB2 databases

See your system administrator for additional information. Execute these DB2 commands: To resolve this problem, ensure that your client and server use the same security mechanism. SQLLC” was not found. To resolve the problem: When the JPA attempts to connect to the database for purposes of gathering metadata, ro driver falls back to using the component managed alias that is set on the data source because the security context has not been configured.