Now, it may be that it won’t work with an a, but if I got no output from that last step, then I can’t be sure whether I’ve done everything right and whether this is a no go for my printer. I have a Lexmark Z33 so I tried the Z35 driver and everything worked fine until the last instruction: On my terminal, it says kdeprint: A note to newbies: Thank you very much. When I try to open the zcups file Gedit says it cannot automatically detect the character coding.

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I gave it a reboot and i could now see the driver. The default Gnome printer utility is a little brain dead and never shows the new printer driver fompaq allows you to manually choose it.

Linux Compatibility: Compaq IJ – Phoronix Forums

I guess it’s more appropriate to say that usb 0xd 0xc is what the vendor code for the scanner is. I’ve been trying and trying to follow the directions from page one of this post and I keep getting the following error: But then I got stuck.


Thanks for trying though I have a z35 and it didn’t work. Thank you all for help. I tried all of that already.

Ok, I went through the instructions in the first post to attempt to install a lexmark x, 3 in 1 printer. Please keep an eye on that thread so that you can ljnux pertinent information about getting the thing to work in Ubuntu, if asked.

Your printer should be able to work!

HOWTO: Lexmark Printers [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

So close but so far I set mine up to connect to the printer using smb: It looks like this problem was down to the USB port. Hmm, I never had to go get the ‘tail’ file. I followed the lknux, but when I try to run. When I tried to add it again and just accepted the default name, it was fine.


What could I have missed. Even without the last step displaying the wanted output, the printer setup under “system” recognised the driver and printer. I can’t install the same printer on Ubuntu 5. Basically, I am asking for a several-step process that doesn’t require command line work. After countless hours of fun I got Ubuntu to do all I need it to do Permission denied Permission denied [ ok ] myname hostname: Share your knowledge at the LQ Wiki.


This might be simple, but how do I copy or print the code that’s been put in a scrolling box, why can’t it be typed in so we can see it all?

It just wont print. I’m a newbie myself, so I have no problem batting back and forth with solutions.

No output from backend. It initialized and move the paper but that was it. I’m using Breezy now. Well I did what Black Sun Hole suggested we do and nothing! My Lexmark z installs but will not print. Long story short you got it working. Did you do this: I found this thread where several with Z or X based printers have had sucess.

Have a look here: I got the driver for Lexmark X from this link.