They only haveto be modified and repacked. Shouldn’t these two packages depend on each other in order to have a working printer by installing either one of them an every other needed package would be downloaded automatically? I could test the package s. With a bit of tweaking it seems this tutorial has proven helpful. They are also available in the upstream foomatic-db package.

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If I uninstall brother-lpr-drivers-extra and install the drivers provided by brother, it still doesn’t work. Matthias Klose doko wrote on However once I oinux from these, scanning broke.

There is a positive report in bug now. This is one of the problems in the scanimage. Simon Law sfllaw wrote on According to your comment and Martijn Vermaat comment, I believe that there is still some things that need to be fixed with laser and laser1 packages but I vrother see what, at least from now.

Only English versions of drivers are available. I’m not yet a Motu, but I’ve considered getting involved several times in the past. UDP Port Outbound direction: It is used by the ‘brpcfax’ utility script file.


Bug # “NEW PACKAGE: Printer drivers for Brother needed” : Bugs : Ubuntu

Also I noticed that when I installed the brother- lpr-drivers- extra-Package it pulled some dependencies but I had to install brother- cups-wrapper- extra manuallly afterwards, which itself pulled some more dependencies. Visit the following links: Works great with the driver from the Brother-site. Till Kamppeter till-kamppeter on Maybe this depends on wrong printer detection I described above but it maybe also could be an effect of wrong packaging? Qichang Liang kcleung-users wrote on Please make sure the appropriate drivers are downloaded.

Meanwhile, have you tried this on the Ubuntu box?

The original drivers are really not well designed for being shipped brotger a distro, and this made me adding several points to my driver design guidelines at OpenPrinting: Follow this step-by-step guide to get this low-cost Multi Function Centre working.

The original drivers are really not well designed for being shipped with a distro, and this made me adding several points to my driver design guidelines at OpenPrinting:.

Could it be fixed in Hardy?? However these links are offered in hope of problem-free configuration. Don’t give up hope. It’s networked in from the switch. This does not seem to have been questioned in the bug report.


Linux Informations

I ran into the same issue, and according to https: I am very grateful if you would package them. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. I have uploaded the packages now. ChristofferS ubuntu-curo wrote on I will probably upload fixed mff-425cn to my PPA in the next day. Thank you for your time.

After making the changes in the answer and booting up xsanethe first time I tried to acquire a preview it would give me a “scanner failed to start” error. I liked very much sponsoring the upload of your packages and supporting your effort.