Please be careful putting this into action. Fingers crossed, maybe it works All is installed but the card is disabled in Windows “lan conections”. And why is one adapter adjustable and the others not? Now go up a directory from where you are back to the downloaded crda directory and install this puppy. Ok, I have tried it set to txpower 33 again while being asscociated and it was a really confusing.

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How To Install The Alfa AWUSU36H USB Adapter In Windows 10 | WirelesSHack

Hello all, I’m having this problem when I run make command. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 10 in queue 0 [ When trying to ftp files from my machine using the dongle, I’m getting timeout errors, and NFS shares are slow and pause intermittently. Any comments regarding this will be greatful: I am running kali 2.

Hey back cha, athk9 is the driver not the adapter model. Now just reboot your computer, change your regulatory domain to BO, and turn that puppy up!


The Hacks of Mr.

Seems I finally fixed it with a bit similar method!: Just being connected seems to flood the router. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 7 in queue 2 [ Is this problem caused by Ralink chipsets or due to insufficent power.

ALFA NETWORK: Support Mac OS X ( Sierra ) WiFi USB Model List

This was confirmed with two different routers Netgear and Asus. Thahaseena M Replied ge-rr3070 July 8, The last messages from dmesg are only: Thank you so much for helping me get back online. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 6 in queue 2 [ Info – Firmware detected – version: Eightfourone, thanks for this!

I have the same question Go to Step 7 to learn what the differences are. Ger-t3070 tried using the TXpower command after putting it in monitor mode on the resulting wlan0mon device but that didn’t work either.

Hello, Did you get a solution for this, I ge-ft3070 the same problem? I am having the same problem as Inon. Well, all you have to do is change that line to:. Second patch to apply to ralink drivers bytes, patch You should try changing the default country, the first country awua the database, to be able to support 33dBm and then when you start up, you won’t have to change your regulatory domain each time.


Alfa AWUS036NH (RT3070 usb) driver disabled

Please provide output of “iw dev wlan0 scan” and iwconfig with association established. The rtusb driver is the only that awjs but is unacceptably slow. Warning – TX status timeout for entry 0 in queue 2 [ Change your directory to the wireless-regdb folder, and in there you will find a file called db. I need this fast.

Bit rate varies from low to medium but rarely hits the optimum rate. Comment 4 Stanislaw Gruszka After doing some file transfer tests, eventually asus of these messages appeared. New link for these files? After applying the two patches 3.