The present invention provides a flat-panel repeater system having a housing having a pair of oppositely facing surfaces, at least one antenna element mounted to each of the surfaces for radiating energy in a direction opposite to that of an antenna element mounted to the other of the surfaces, and an electronic circuit mounted within the housing and operatively coupling signals between at least one antenna element on each of the oppositely facing surfaces of the module. However, where the size of the ground plane is limited by other considerations, the RSW patch technology may be employed. Each column – 1 , – 2 , etc. Additionally, each system has a separate control input R, T for the respective RF switch. The base-station-facing antenna preferably has a narrower half power beamwidth than the mobile-facing antenna. Another method is to build the phasing and combining networks with variable phase devices in series with each antenna element.

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As shown in FIG. Method and apparatus for use with a radio distributed antenna system having an ultra-wideband control channel. If this signal is comparable in power to the original signal S tthen the amplifier will go unstable, and oscillate ring.

For two adjacent antennas, oriented in the same direction, where one is transmitting active and the other is receiving passiveawtron active antenna pushes virtual electrons into space which terminate on the passive antenna. These characteristics make the RSW antenna ideal for applications where the supporting substrate or ground plane of the antenna is small, in which qstron diffraction of the surface and lateral waves from the edges of the structure may be quite significant for conventional microstrip patch antennas.

Method and apparatus for communicating network management traffic over a network. Accordingly, each of these antennas is provided with a frequency diplexerto accommodate the use of different frequency bands in the uplink and downlink channels.

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The invention provides a repeater diversity system comprising a main null antenna having a given phase center and polarization for receiving a communications signal from a remote signal source, a donor antenna for transmitting a signal to a base station, a diversity null antenna having the same phase center as the main null antenna and a polarization orthogonal to the polarization of the main null antenna, a combining network coupled to the main null antenna and the diversity null antenna for combining the signals therefrom, and an uplink channel module coupled with the combining network for delivering diversity combined receive signals to the donor antenna.


The signal repeating element of claim 1 further comprising a plurality of receive antenna elements. Another method is to build the phasing and combining networks with variable phase devices in series with each antenna element.

The antenna elements may be patches such as in FIG. Conventional detents can be used to indicate the successive increments, and to hold the repeater at each incremental position until it is advanced to the next position.

The signal repeating element of claim 1 further comprising an adaptive cancellation circuit coupled with the at least one receive antenna element and the receiver circuitry and configured for generating a cancellation signal for reducing feedback signals present in the uplink path. Other parameters might be used to control switching such as the lowest noise or some other measure of signal quality. The band pass filter significantly reduces the complex components or images of the RF signal and the first LO signal In this regard the controller may comprise a microprocessor with a UART Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit to enable the desired communications and command structures and protocols.

A second mixer up converts the IF signal to produce the RF signal System and method of integrating and concealing antennas, antenna subsystems and communications subsystems.

The base-station-facing antenna preferably has a narrower half power beamwidth than the mobile-facing antenna. Wireless internet systems require large bandwidths and data rates over 50 kbps, up to kbpsmuch higher than conventional wireless voice systems 9.


In the example shown in FIG. The cancellation scheme uses digitally processed information to generate a signal, which, when added to the original input signal, cancels the feedback signal.


In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, the signals from the main and Rx diversity antennasare combined at the combining network with equal gain from the low noise gamijg A method wideless measuring an amplitude and a phase of each antenna element of a phased array antenna and antenna arrangement for carrying out the method.

Lastly, it is more aesthetic, than requiring wire runs to the unit. Method of combining linear content and interactive content compressed together as streaming interactive video. As can be seen in FIG. A top ground-plane plate 34 closes the open side of the frame member 29and is attached to a peripheral flange 35 on the frame member Method and apparatus for selectively-enabled diversity signaling in a radio communications system.

Generally, the RF signal is received, at a power level above the noise floor, from a nearby base station with the module placed in a location facing the base stationand gamung repeater re-radiates the amplified RF signal into yaming building. The Butler matrix device then generates K unique RF analog outputseach for a respective beam direction.

An RSW patch antenna element, is simply a patch that focuses more energy in the wireleess area, and not to the sides near the ground plane. The specific shape of the housing may be different from that shown.

The central frame member 29 is essentially closed on one side by an integral wall 32 that forms a bottom ground plane, and the interior of the member contains several electronic units e. The electronics may be discrete parts, connected together via SMA connectors.