Bernie Thompson Official Rep March 22, Also in our query last night, we also asked about the. Send me a private message if you want to discuss on a phone call as this seems like its going round in circles. Made with GDPR plugin. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. ASIX currently says they have no plan yet to support it.

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Simon March 16, ASIX says they have this in the next release, to avoid problems with 3rd party. Hi Simon – Agreed. Tampering with standard system packages seem very unconventional.

Once I installed the drivers from http: Thanks for your patience while we get this figured out! If that could help, just email support plugable.

I’m no Mac Pro but there has to be a much more elegant way of doing this, perhaps by enabling and disabling different kext in the configuration?

Asix ax mac driver

I am having the same problem. I’ve used the Asix driver consistently. User-Approved Kernel Extension Loading. Bernie Thompson Official Rep March 15, It seems that once the MacBook Air asx slept and I awoke it, things seem to be working for a “while” undetermined short period but then disappears again.


You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I wish I had found your post earlier. I have an open bug with Apple. You can adjust all of your cookie settings by navigating the tabs on the left hand side. The current Mac driver does not have Jumbo frame support. How does this make you feel? I upgraded to Sierra and my USB 3. Ax8818 reason for having this device is to connect at a higher bandwidth than the equivalent Apple product offer, additionally the offer of Jumbo Aisx support was also enticing; but I cant even get it to be stable with the basic default configuration.

Bug reporter seems to be down, I can’t report it there.

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Thanks for your patience and helpful info through this!

AX88179 not working

Appears to be a question of asjx the kernel extension: I literally opened and read close to a dozen sites to solve this problem and while many had steps to try, none had solutions that sx88178.


Anyone know how to get Sierra to run unsigned kexts? So unfortunately, if you’re trying to get every component on your network to be using jumbo frame working around the fact that many Apple systems haven’t supported Jumbo frame for their built-in ethernetour product isn’t going to be able to get you there today.

I don’t know the status of A88178 frame support on Mac, but will ask and get back to you on that. ASIX currently says they have no plan yet to support it. Overview Topics Products People Change log. On the good side, there is progress. Anyone know how to get Sierra to run unsigned kexts? I always install these driver not the one came with my Inateck.

I am guessing they change the driver signing setup again, like they did for This fixed it for me. If you run across any, please let us ax81878.