Not much more was revealed. What happens if the AES input becomes the sync source is that this also runs the A-D converter for the analog input, and all four digital streams out of the card are in sync, which they have to be. Make sure the adapter jumper is set to adapter index 1, the factory default. A view of 2 GPIO opto inputs and relay outputs. The Audio Science drivers are a “monlithic” kinda deal in that the one package is intended for most if not all of their product. This second bracket is attached to the ASI via a pin ribbon cable.

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AudioScience ASI Broadcast Mic Preamp Balanced Analog PCIe Card | eBay

This is my first venture into ownership, moving over from on air. Filter Gain — The gain of the filter at the center frequency.

If the cover is off the computer, one can see one or two blinking LEDs on top of the card indicating its DSP is running and communicating with the driver. The only thing I can think of is that this has to sai with sync settings.

I am buying a station that runs Simian 1. The event log is viewed as follows: A non-exhaustive list of nodes follows: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work aso without it enabled.

This second bracket is attached to the ASI via a pin ribbon cable.

Depending on the adapter family, there are different ways of setting the adapter index. I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. Make sure your computer is turned off.


Simian automation system questions If portions of your day will be satelite automated, you need either a sound card that takes trigger inputs or an external box to do so that communicates via RS or USB 52111 the computer. Different adapter types still require unique adapter index numbers. Go to original post.

ASI5111 PCI and ASI5211 PCI Express Linear Sound Cards

This is the “relay rack” function of Simian, you program macros to turn on or off the particular relays, or use the time command functions we use this to join Fox News TOH. It is essentially a block diagram of the device showing the available physical inputs and outputs on the right hand side. Developer Windows — Microphone gain is controlled using…. Results 1 to 10 of The EQ window contains controls for setting the filter parameters of each of the 5 bands, with a graph showing the combined frequency response of the 5 bands.

The trouble with WDM drivers is that they use the kernel mixer, and this is where resampling and all sorts of other dodgy things happen. Cancel out of this dialog box and proceed to the software installation section of this datasheet. I would add additional cards of the same type if needed.

Broadcast Tools makes a device that will accept triggers and issue relay commands, this is a serial device you can use a USB to serial adapter to control it, since serial connections sai vanished from most computers.


Aso you have very complex programming, they also make a 32 line trigger input device. For bus-based adapters, this is determined by the adapter index jumper on the card. Typically this will be decided by the application used with the AudioScience adapter. Simian automation system questions The quality of a sound blaster, because it’s unbalanced audio, might not be the best option for you. The next position represents 3, and the rightmost asj, when jumpered, represents 4.

I obviously don’t understand the subtleties of all the acronym-rich arcana involved in this.

[RDD] Getting Started: Ubuntu 14.04.02 / ASI 5211

If you post your general area, I’m sure the folks on here can recommend a local or simi-local person. Different adapters will have different modes available, and not all adapters have modes. Simian automation system questions The short answer is yes you need the good sound card, remember that this is where most of the audio your listeners will hear comes from. Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

Make sure the adapter jumper is set to adapter index 1, the factory default. On the left hand side, bus based adapters show player and recorder streams, while CobraNet adapters show their network connections.