A corsair would be much better. Or will it not make any such a difference? Stay with Asus or Gigabyte for the best reliability. One GPU is the better choice. So how is this any different?

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That’s all for now! Virus Problem, Please Help. The time now is It’s not Intel saying “eff you” to nVidia.

NVIDIA nForce i/i/a/i/a/i/a/i/a/a Chipset Driver Download

A corsair would be much better. Corei7 is not the only game in town. Because Intel is being such a bitch there is just one chipset supporting i7, its not clear whether nvidia will be allowed to make theirs for this Intel platform.

It could be because the AMD chilset perform more duties than the intel equivalents due to the built in memory controller possibly? They’re are so many reasonable choices it makes up for a lack of a competitor to i7. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. A 5-phase digital PWM circuit powers the processor.


Well, that’s just chlpset the new Core i7. Phenom II X4 or maybe User Name Remember Me? That earthwatts won’t due.

It’s too new to have more than one chipset. It most likely won’t, except for that ASRock nForce 3 motherboard. Stay with Asus or Gigabyte for the best reliability. Well, I’m definitely not the hax0r that can somehow get new processors to run on old chipsets. BB code is on.

To add to emosun’s excellent advice.

[SOLVED] nForce 980a chipset w. HD 5770?

It’s not quantity, it’s quality. The same can also be said for LGA processors and their multiple instances of working on older chipsets.

Using two GPU’s results in a small performance gain compared to the substantial cost increase. I don’t know how they keep the motherboard prices reasonable but it works.

There’s a fair amount of history here. The company published the product page on its website, and has pictured its reference design motherboard based on the chipset.


Only i, and that was dwarfed by X AMD caught up in performance to i7 as soon as another card was added. Or will it not make any such a difference?

Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets

One GPU is the better choice. Both Intel and AMD are equally victim to this. Thursday, March 27th How many regular PCI slots do you require? Well there were plenty of options before the i7 flagship which is still in infancy.